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Thank you for your interest in joining the Panthera Network. We promise the best service and top payouts to all of our publishers. Please be advised we do have Minimum Requirements for anyone considering joining as a publisher.

1. Only publishers with a web site are accepted.

2. You MUST have a top-level domain where a WHOIS search will show you or your company
    as the registered owner of the site. No free hosting web sites will be approved.

3. The site must be fully functional at the time of your registration. If the site is still under construction please     register once the site is operational.

4. The site must not contain any objectionable or offensive material.

5. Your telephone number must be in service. All applications will be phone verified prior to being approved.

6. The information submitted on the below application MUST be accurate as we will not allow
    any changes to the account prior to receiving your first commission check.

Panthera Interactive, LLC has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against FRAUD and ACTIVELY monitors the traffic for Fraud and/or questionable marketing techniques.
  Large selection of offers
  Top payout
  Competitive payment terms
  Personal Publisher support
  Points program
  $150 Signup bonus

Panthera provides a good list of surveys, get-paid-to-take surveys, gaming offers, and more. The campaigns are mostly exclusive or rare, have high payouts, and tend to convert extremely well. Panthera's consistent net 15 payments and excellent customer service round them out as one of the best affiliate networks I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many in my years of affiliate marketing.
- BB

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